Sex, women & the sex doll

The only girls who have nothing to offer in a relationship than sex are the only ones mad about the sex dolls. Now they are all about the cooking, washing & increasing on the moaning. Their competition doesn’t demand for up keep money, no child support issues, no mood swings, no pregnancy heart attacks. No periods but just sex. These how’s are now seeing competition on how to keep getting that cash that their pussy generated while the real women are just watching from the sidelines because they been doing all that already. Maybe just a revamp in their sex game while the real gentlemen do not care as they’re busy loving their real women. Maybe a lil adventure never hurt tho. I mean it’s just a doll, not that he’s going to marry it or what. Oh wait, it may change the sex game field forever. Everyone is threatened here it seems.

And, I think the sex doll is for guys who’re losers. Those who’re sexually depressed & could only use a non human object that they can boss around because a normal guy can’t start sleeping with something that don’t moan, cuddle, shift automatically & everything sexual a normal woman does. Isn’t sleeping with a doll another form of masturbation?  

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