A relationship and its sex

One of the fundamental reasons why people fall in love with each other is the sex. For many a man, (I am damn sure that is what runs through most of the men’s brains) if he can picture himself enjoying sex with you then that is like one of the biggest plus.

The desire to enjoy the sexuality of a member of the opposite sex. The thrill. The emotions and motions that happen with it. The sweat, kisses, moans and touches. The grinding on one another as hearts race. As the juices flow. That moment when you get to tag and pull at each other’s clothes. Breath to breath, kiss to kiss, sweat to sweat. Turning her over and around. Putting her butt on your crotch as your hand runs through her waist line trying to get to under her clothes. And when it finally gets there, the sticky, sweaty, warm feeling that you feel when your hands reach the area that we all know where.

Or maybe from the girl’s point of view. Tagging at his shirt and nibbling at his chest as you feel the moans and warmth that come from him. Someone who might have been just a few moments ago seemed like all so macho but right now he is there in front of you under your powers of sexual ensnares. When he is moaning like his voice has never thundered before. When he is having goose bumps running along the sides of his body. When he is all soft like how I can imagine Samson was under Delilah. that kind of feeling. That kind of moment. As you are slowly kissing his torso to down there. A few brushes and you are feeling the bump in his pants. The throbbing that is coming from down there. Like as if there is a beast awakening from a siesta slowly but strongly. Can’t wait to unleash the dragon or whatever name he calls his junk.

However, it has become absurd that some people deny their partners those sexual rights and accesses. From feigning sicknesses to making superficial activities all in the name of not wanting to lay with their partners no more. It is a romantic relationship not a business partnership. You are not here to make appointments, meet, shake hands firmly, take coffee or whatever you prefer taking over a meeting and then shake hands again and go. No!!! But when the denied partner seeks rescue from somewhere else, the other raises alarm that her/his partner’s cheating. But what do you want them to do? Rape a hen instead? Insert a chair leg down there to quench their sexual flames?

Do you know what it feels like to be there all heated up and then the lucky bastard decides to cold shoulder you? Do you know what it feels for someone to desire all that is written above and then you turn a blind eye like they never existed and when they decide to do something about it, you become all hostile and stuff?

They are asking for it, you are putting locks on it. In some relationships, just even raising up the topic for discussion is just absurd to another. Like as if you dated to have a chaste relationship. Now if you do not give him/her stuff, what the heck do you want them to feed on? Dirt? These are some of the basics people need to know before going into relationships that sex and stuff is just so essential to the survival of a relationship. Life is too short to be holding back on the people we claim we love on some of the essentials that ought to bring us together. Sex is too powerful. It has brought about wars, brought down national institutions and so much more. For your partner’s sake, give it. It may be the missing strand to hold your relationship together…. That is my opinion. #Shut!!

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