All that flashing isn’t worth it.


Social media has made people look like they are always on vacay. Posting glossy pics on the gram looking like they are for the Victoria Secrets or CK. Always out having fun, toasting, boasting, bossy, flashy and glossy. #Stunting.
Then you look at your life and it all seems different. So flawed. It is like as if for you, life dumped you at its land fill. Like as if the world left you and isn’t bothered of picking you up and rolling with it.
But, you are not to blame for thinking like your life was just molded from a pig sty because that is just social media. People are forcing to live the life they seemingly depict. People are borrowing to look that cool. People are starving to afford a fashion trend. People are living for the lime light. People are making poor decisions, drugs, sex, stealing just to fit in.
But do you have to do it too? Do you have to get borrowing just to look lit? Do you have to nag your partner to get you something just because others have it yet you personally cannot even afford it? But then, do you really have to? Is it worth it? Will it take you to heaven? The sleeping around just to get a dope phone with a good camera for the Gram? Trading your modesty to some jack-ass felony? Do drugs just to fit in a clique that is doing it and all just because it seems a bit cooler? Do you have to sleep out just because your crew is sleeping out and posting dope night pictures? Do you have to steal from your parents just because your crew is having easy parents who can afford to give them what they want? No bruh! Don’t sex up all the ladies just because your libido is wanting. There is so much AIDS on the loose and un planned kids are not managed that easy. Your black skin is beautiful baby but now you want to look like Spice Diana just because niggas be hitting on her every time steps out? So now you bleaching to orange, looking like Fanta or a carrot. Oh. Or maybe that Trump of a president. Like you want to be the next doctor strange? #Acid.

Take life in your lane as you are working for the better. Get that education if it’s freely provided. There is gonna come a time when those who aren’t learned can’t tell nothing. There’s a time for everything, keep working, yours might even be more slay ish. God blesses the humble there is no need to act like a Rambo. Damn son, you got to watch your life dawg. Lil girl, watchu tripping in the hood for? Serving yourself around like some low life skanky hoe. These girl fights you keep getting in are some cheap girly drama shows. That ain’t the life yo. Damn! Listen to your mama or when your papa talks. Ok, maybe when your big sis, uncle or big brother dawg. I know it is always good when you living the life, getting a following and all that crap. People tossing you some peace.

But the real peace comes when you tossing up on something you got clean and legit. So put in and find something better to do. A legit calling, hobby or skill that you can clean do and when that moment comes, you’ll also show out like a boss in realness. True talk! That’s what real bosses do. #Toss. #Deuces.








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