Touching In The Open Of The Darkness


Seated on the edge of a long stalled concrete building foundation, facing the forest that is enveloped by the darkness of the evening but scattered with a few spaced lights coming from silent homes within it and surrounded by the cool evening 8:00 p.m. breeze, they talked. Anything about themselves but still leaving out a few personals for their union today was not legal. Clandestine. The guy is doing most of the talking. The girl? Seemingly overwhelmed. She is trying to maintain her breath. He notices it. She is trying to engage in the talking and yet still fighting with the hard breathing. It is turning him crazy.

The conversation then shifts to the obvious. The main reason they are having a conversation there where they are. He talks about her thighs. She had sent him a picture of them before. Social media. They were brown. Looked firm. He fancied them. A few comments about them and his hand dipped there. They sipped through to the under thighs. Slowly squeezing them like as if they were calling him to do so. They were warm. Just the way he liked them. He dag deeper. She caught her breath per every squeeze he gave. She could hardly say anything. She moved closer. He had told her to. What else! The moment called for it to.

She leaned in on him. Rested her hand around his shoulder and brought her lips closer to him. You know the kind of rush that brings, huh? It washed all over him. He adjusted her face in front of his and kissed her. She held his cheek and kissed him back. Deeper! Her tongue went in.

Deep kisser! His hand went in. Touched her where her thighs meet. It was wet. Warm and wet. He slid his hands up and into her knickers. But a first peep there revealed they were white. Turned him on harder! He started digging deeper into there and all of it was wet, slippery and wet. Brick and Lace. There was water just about everywhere in there. She was moaning to every thrust he made. He was groaning at every touch he made. Every inch he dag deeper into her. It was exhilarating.

He made her sit on him, and from there, he accessed her breasts the better. He cupped them and squeezed them, and grabbed them and rolled them but all along the cool breeze making it a movie scene like on top of a mountain. The insects sang and the shadows watched as the two sojourners made out. She tilted her head and gasped. She moaned the more. She turned and kissed him. She was being taken to heaven; he knew it was something she had never felt before. Confirmed by her later confession. This was the moment. This was it for her. The climax! He lifted up her skirt and caressed her white knickers covered butt. It was huge and round. He has a thing for big butts now. She ground it on his dick and nothing else mattered.

From him she stepped down to also take charge. She moved her hand slowly to his fry. She felt for it under his red jeans. She looked him in the eyes to read his thoughts and oh boy she did. She unbuckled his belt, yanked open his button and zipped down his pants. In no minute, her hand traced into his pants and down into his briefs, yanked out the biggest staff she had ever seen and her eyes glistened. Her mouth curved into a sly smile and she started doing her thing. Everything else was left for the darkness to view.

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