No Or Not, What Exactly Do Ladies Mean?


Down in Africa, East Africa is the region, the country is Uganda, some unlucky chap got himself into hot soup for stalking a pretty beautiful woman member of parliament. (If you see her, you wouldn’t blame him that much) Talk about shooting your shot out of your league. A David vs. Goliath kind of war. In this case, she is the Goliath and he is the David, but he lost. Shame. She got him jailed for stalking (lol) but really, stalking would not be the problem because we have all literary done it but she claims his stalking was too sexual and that he did not take her no for an answer.

That is the part that really caught my attention. The not taking her No for an answer bit.

This is what really caused the storm on the local social media. Especially on the brother’s side of the coin. Talk about when you throw feminists into the mix. You should have seen how they jumped up to the ship. They praised and wanted to dine with her. They literary held a party on each social media platform for her move. Lawd! How the hell does a brother get to respond to a no from a lady?

Some women say that if a female tells you No! You should just stop with whatever you wanted from her. They preached of how men should start putting some respect to a woman’s turn down to his advances. Oh how they feasted on the matter. How they bashed men and glorified the woman M.P.

But then along the lines of arguments, this is where I cornered them. I told them, as someone who has dated before and heard it from a number of females, there are so many of them who say no for trust, thrill-seeking reasons. The ones that say no to see how far that guy is serious about her.

But then there are some others who say they are thrilled by a guy who keeps pursuing her even if she has already said no and her saying no is one way she could be able to judge his interest. The guy who keeps his pursuit consistent is given  all the credits of the alpha male and that one who cowards away at the woman’s slightest mention of no, is labelled a wimp. Immature, not manly and childish.  A sex seeker. Just to smash and go. Some later fall for that hot pursuit guy and the relationship that follows hence after is usually one of the best.

Some say they like the thrill to see the guy plead and sweat and work to win her heart. Someone who steps up to the challenge. Someone who scales the wall she has built so that he could get to her inner bounds. That is the guy she wants to see. Who feels her saying no is the driving factor to get to understand her better. Which is quite true because for a guy to be consistent after you telling him no is really interested in knowing you better.

So that is where guys get lost. The failure to know which girl actually means no and who is just turning up the game. Building a wall to see who will be brave enough to break it down. The best way a guy gets to know the true meaning of your no is if you keep consistent to your no. You cannot say no and still keep smiling all round him all the time. Hanging out with him and do all flirtuous things that turn men on. That is an invitation for him to push on. No?

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