Of The Cafe Javas Choir

The month comes to an end. I have been hustling. Waking up to face the same annoying boss with crazy deadlines. Weird workmates and sometimes doing projects I hardly have a clue about but still I get it done as I anticipate the end of the month. Motivation. My bank account bes smiling. So am … Continue reading Of The Cafe Javas Choir

Let It Be About You

It takes a great deal of self-study and self-motivation to understand yourself and not from others' point of view. To put yourself first and realize that you matter, firstly, to your own self. To realize that every inch of your life depends on what decision you get from what others say or do to you … Continue reading Let It Be About You

On The Sexual Objectification Of Women

She flipped open her insta page and dropped a ‘fire’ mirror selfie of her in her latest sexy attire and captioned it “All this juice for tonight, where the boys at? #booty #sexy #b!@%$” She then took a Uber to the club and stepped into the world of deafening music, drugs, booze, neon lights and … Continue reading On The Sexual Objectification Of Women