His Wife. A Dream That Never Came.

My Wife. A Dream That Never Came. (3)

She rose, whenever, before his eyes, like the rising sun from the East. And whenever she lay down, her body was a captivating landscape of human morphology. She gave him hope, like any new bright morning does. She was flawed, well, like anyone else but those he ignored for his love for her came from the deepest parts of his heart. For he loved her whole. Even in her worst days or when her moods raged like a tropical storm. She was the one. He best believed. So despite all those, he stayed put. No stray.
She was as intriguing as the Aur ora Borealis or call it the northern lights. Simple man’s English. She was, intelligent, witty and yet reserved. The way he liked it. Always the center of his attention. Captivated him anytime. Whether she had just woken up or doing the dishes, she always held his mind captive. He always wanted to have his hands wrapped around her. He always enjoyed the minutes they laid on bed together, whether silently or not, that moment was bliss. That moment always had meaning. That moment, he will always cherish.  She always had him with a smile. He could just sit there and watch her. His human TV. Even if there was nothing done, it was always found easy to make him stare like in a trance. She was like the center of his universe. She taught him happiness, taught him love. Taught him how to be himself and faithfulness. Everyone around him knew it. She was that special to him. The dearest.

My Wife. A Dream That Never Came. (2)

A wife material, every man wants to introduce to his people, in her, she fit the role immaculately. Prestine. And so he held her dear. Like the real thing. She was the real thing.

In her pain & anger & disappointments he shared. Like a real husband should. How could he let the woman of his dreams carry such burdens alone? She made him practice better. Her happiness, joy & triumphs, they celebrated together. Her dreams & ambitions, he encouraged her to conquer for she stood with him too. Behind a successful man, a woman there is & so behind her as he too. For they were a team.

A force many reckoned with. An epitome of relationship goals. Many adored them. For not in physic, romance, peace, and dreams did they disappoint. But how could you not like them. The mother that would’ve been to the most amazing kids the world would’ve ever seen. Now he doesn’t even know who their next is gonna be. Even his ex agreed that she, Mutanyi, was the realest.

But then one day. One fateful silent chain of events, the stars stopped twinkling, the sun stopped rising, the moon lost its shine for the devil fell from the sky and everything crumbled. There was no horizon no more as dark clouds formed and the empire that had been so much revered and being built, the life that he eyed for a happy forever after, crumbled…from within. When she told him, one fucked up evening, three days after his birthday, two months and a few days to their third anniversary, the now abominable Holy Thursday, that she loved him no more. That her love, the entirety of it, belonged to someone of old. I cannot add on that.

My Wife. A Dream That Never Came. (1)


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