Social Media, A Wall To Talk To?

Social Media, A Wall To Talk To.

Her social media has always been filled with love posts. If she wasn’t posting of how beautiful love and life were, she would be busy posting about her man and everything they would be doing and as usual, like for almost every couple, there will be people ready to comment the “Awwwww how cute you two look together” on your pictures.

However lately, there seems to be a change. The how beautiful life and love is posts are slowly and un occasionally being replaced with posts of how love is just like any other ordinary thing. About how life can be lived without love and so forth. To those that can read between the lines, they have obviously already sensed that there is something wrong. They can see and feel it.

And then there are those that counter attack her on their walls saying that posting about your love woes ain’t gonna solve shit and it is really a desperate move and a loud one to be kept on social media.

But then, they do not know, they do not know what she is going through. They do not know what people be going through when they reach to this point. It is something that maybe, they have never felt before.

Social Media, A Wall To Talk To. (1)

But here is why we should always hold judgmental sentiments at bay before we start to sound quite callous. There is a reason why people resort to social media to update about their relationship woes. It is usually not that they like it but because they are forced by circumstances. It may seem like a point of weakness but what else, the world they so much loved has just walked away from them like they stink. Like they are the abomination they have always been warned about. Like they are the plague yet a few days, months back, this was someone who had been professing undying love for them and now, they have walked away like it was all just a dream. Nelly.

All this pain. The disappointment. The guilt, has all been converted into pleas for forgiveness even if it was not them in the wrong, which makes it a whole lot more painful altogether and to rub it in, all that the leaving party could do is to majestically, coldly, simply, unashamedly with no guilt conscience tell her, “I am so sorry but it’s not you it’s me. I couldn’t be in love with you no more. I have found someone new.” just like that. Imagine! All that they had been through, however small for there are people who hold more memories on the little things that they shared with another. Now all that is gone. This person telling them to “get over the whining, you will find someone better than me, you deserve better. You are a good person blah blah blah…..” If I was a good person then why can’t you keep me? And they still expect you to understand. Like understand what? You want me to understand that it is okay for you to walk out on me without a viable reason? Really?

The relations made, the plans, the dreams. All of them gone like that in like a snap of Thanos’ fingers. And when she tried to get to talk to him in the DM, all he said was how he didn’t want to hear her talk to him about that shit no more. That, that was a chapter closed and there won’t be anything done to reverse the decision. That it was over. Feelings between the two are no longer connecting. I mean, what? Now you’re getting mad because she is telling you how much she loves you? She really did and all you’re telling her is that you want to hear none of it? You who has deserted her out of the blue and now you are chasing her out of your DM and getting mad about it? C’mon.

At the end of the day, because she is looking for where to off load all this pain, she resorts to social media. She tries to send out signals. That all is not well. Those that are blessed to understand, they go in to help her, some will try to take advantage of her unsettled heart, a common occurrence on these streets. While others will go parallel on their walls and talk of how stupid, childish and or immature it is for a person to post such on the media. They do not know, father, what exactly is going on.

Social Media, A Wall To Talk To.

Just because some of them are natural born fuck ups, they don’t know the deeper matters of the heart, some are as well good at doing the same so they will not understand while others have mastered the art of shelving their pain so they expect everyone else to easily do so as well. All these combined together just drove her madder and crazier. But she has no choice, she has tried to play her part to talk to the offender privately but he lashed her out like Jesus in the temple. He threatens to block her. She is scared. She is hurting. She is afraid. She cannot imagine being blocked because how else will she talk to him? She remains hopeful that may be he may return. So she goes to the media to post something. At least to get him talking, at least to show him that she is still out there. Lost and meaningless without him. Looking for him. Which he does sometimes but the story is still indifferent. At least to get some comments from others who may try to make her feel less lonely in this very fucked up world. At least their comments of comfort may warm her heart. They may keep her moving. It is human nature to feel better and relieved when a person shows empathy towards their suffering. Even if they have no solution to the matter, their desire to connect is soothing enough, and this makes many feel light for someone   has taken time to take on their pain, anger, sorrow and sadness.

We should thus never judge at first hand posts of someone hurting especially before we really get to know the truth of the matter. Though some people may just as well be posting for the fancy of their dark, sinister, evil motives, it wouldn’t cost you much if you took time to chat them up before you start judging people of being social media talkative. Be blessed.

6 thoughts on “Social Media, A Wall To Talk To?

  1. Relationships in our generation are very complicated. I remember once posting my then boyfriend and when things went wrong having to delete our post was the hardest thing. I actually went off social media for nearly a month just to heal. Thank you for this piece, it’s so easy for people to say bad things and conclude without knowing someone’s full story. I hope we do better.

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  2. @Shadray, I have fallen in love with your article, you spoke out exactly,what most of us go through. May the Almighty continue using you touch lives more and more.

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