Of Dealing With Long Distance Relationships

At the moment when the relationship was taking off, she left to study abroad. Her course was to take four years but in the middle of it, she promised she will be coming back for holidays and that was mainly to see him. For the meantime, the internet was to be their major channel of … Continue reading Of Dealing With Long Distance Relationships

Live Your Life!

We are all created different. In taste, behavior, thinking etc. That is what makes us beautiful and so our life as well. That is what attracts other people to us. To enjoy our uniqueness. To feel the freedom that comes with how different the other person is. There are however moments when that beauty is … Continue reading Live Your Life!

I Want To Go On A Date.

I want to go on a date. With someone incredible. Not the hulk. Nedda. Someone with whom we can laugh. No, wait. Where we can eat. Plus laugh. Yes, eat and laugh so hard we choke on our laughter. Where we're both morons in perfect comfort with each other. Going geeky and cheeky. Lose ourselves … Continue reading I Want To Go On A Date.

Getting Hot (Part Two)

Together, just the two of them. Soft slow music humming in the background or it's Jay Z's ‘Forever Young’ music, "let’s dance in style, let’s dance for a while, heaven can wait, we only watching the sky"... So the lyrics go. The lights are out but maybe just a candle, as she stands in front … Continue reading Getting Hot (Part Two)

Before The African Rain

Below the clear blue sky, the livestock roam about in the fields, the women chaffing, the litluns pace around aimlessly, the men under the shades and the sun's like burning to its last. Like it is angry at something that serious. But in at one corner of the sky, like a dark predator, the nimbus … Continue reading Before The African Rain