Old Age & Death, A Desired Gloom.

Old Age Is Not For A Fete The Young

Old age. A point in life where many people want to reach. If God only grants them that chance.

It’s however on another side, a life not so sweet. It is like living life on the death row.

Every day that passes by is like coming closer to the day of mortality. The magnitude of how scary it is is when someone in their age bracket dies. You can see the fear, shock and terror in their eyes whenever they come across such news. The fear of getting closer to going eternally into a life unknown. It is a very sad moment. Losing someone due to old age makes them feel like tomorrow is theirs. A time bomb.

Try to equate that moment to when you lose a friend or relative that is the same age as you. The shock & disbelief you go into. It’s damning.

And thus I’d like to request you all to always put respect to the ages. You don’t know what they’re going through. You don’t know the fear & uncertainty & apparent depression they’re fighting because of ever growing closer to death.

ShaRoon Winnie Akanyo

“The one thing I hate about getting older is death. It’s a different feeling from when you were a kid and you would hear someone passed that you really didn’t know. And your family sat around reminiscing about the loved one and in that space you felt death would never reach your own loved ones.

Man, we’re now at that time where either it’s our friends losing their parents or we’re burying our friends. People we’ve cultivated unique bonds and relationships with through a common thread and have become family. Whew! I don’t like it one bit at all. Not one bit, God!

This I know to be true though you will meet some amazing and special people, love on them, enjoy them, and never take that for granted.”

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