Me and Writing (The Beginning).

Writing is one of my hobbies that started in the early 2000’s with what was
meant to be a song. However, a friend of mine read it and thought it was a great poem and thus decided to send it to a girl in the next class. The canes we were
served thereafter were much more than the quails God gave the Israelites in the
desert. From there, not much took place till 2005 when I joined secondary school.

I started with writing songs which I later turned to mini stories. Nevertheless, I
kept writing songs which I personally thought sounded so bad, boring and annoying
so I later cut them short, edited and turned them into poems.

Around that period, I was a committed literature student so it just fueled my passion. My mastery of the English language in my class then turned me into a favorite of sorts among both fellow students and teachers (not to forget the crush I got on my literature/English student teacher in Senior 2. She was a young intern but the cute bird was transferred before we could even make a serious move). Yeah, I wished that much.

Writing got so good I even started writing for other students love letters to take to their darlings (yup. You the alumni of mine reading this you never know one of the best lines your love might have sent you was written by me and you was there praising them). Even all my ex’s did literature so this means writing was a must and clearly interesting.

My motivation to write mainly comes from 3 emotions:
》extreme anger
As well as music, literature and movies though some of my best literatures are
motivated by extreme anger and then happiness.

My current adventure into writing stuff that mostly hit on working, earning,
independence, hustling and creating good relationships is due to the pain I went
through in my past. More so by one of the girls I must have dated. That is why trust
is hardly earned, judgment is easily given, I believe that people should love when
they feel it is right, love only one, love genuinely, love without holding back and
love given should be love returned otherwise, it is evil leading someone on if you are not going to love them. People should be considerate, patient and understanding.

I became someone who can best express oneself through writing because it helps me console myself, share my pain, release my anger and better deliver my message
and the basis of my writing comes from past and present experiences, other people’s experiences, stories I read about, movies and music. Every time I am thinking of what to write, every time I be noting down something either on my phone, paper or memory.

I hope to write for a magazine, website or newspaper one day and also become a speaker and an inspiration to other writers, lovers, readers, the tired and nearly giving ups, the heart broken and myself.

Thank you. Especially if you can help me realize that dream.

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