On Girls Sending Nudes

On Girls Sending Nudes

I see people asking why girls send nudes whenever a nude leaks scandal comes up. But hardly is any one asking why do guys leak the nudes & that’s where I have the problem. Incriminating the girls than the guys.

Girls will send the nudes to a guy usually the boyfriend because of love. Because she’s in the heat of the moment. Because she chose to trust this motherfucker with not only her heart but body as well & these are key components of love. Because this idiot she thought she loved had requested her so with the promise that he will guard and hold on to them jealously.

Females are usually more taken up in love in a relationship than the guys so most are bound to do outrageous things for the guy than the guy for her. We’ve seen it always. Girls running away from their parents’ home to be with the nigga. Making up & shaving for the meet. Getting pregnant for the imbecile just to keep the relationship. Taking cumshots, ignoring her friends for the fool, being his Bonnie if you know the story. Girls have always done the darnedest things for love & sending nudes is part of it. All the guys know it. We are the ones that make them do it.

But I’d say, to the girls, if you decide to send nudes to the scumbag out of love then creeping around with other niggas should as well stop. You don’t know how people react when they’re broken. Girls will always underestimate the guy when breaking up with him & they’ve found another guy. That’s a mistake. And the guys that these nudes are sent to, it’s really very very stupid, evil, childish to exact revenge on a girl like that. It doesn’t make you any way cool. Some things just gotta stay on the low.

I personally, to someone that I’ve ever had a relationship with & had the power to make we weak at a point in life, will always give respect however mad I may be mad for the bullshitting they did to me because this person is different from so many others. Probably maybe because my worst isn’t like other’s worst.

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