Nuflash Teens Achievers Awards Nominations, 2019



It was mostly about the competitive voices, dance and comedy at the just concluded Nuflash Teens Achievers Awards nomination day at Sharing Hall Nsambya on Friday September 6th 2019 as youths from different schools in and around Kampala turned up to show to the judges and their fans what they got. If you had attended, you would definitely think that Uganda has the most talented teens in the region. And definitely you wouldn’t be wrong.

The event organized by Newrich Media Company Limited is aimed at aimed at helping youths in different secondary schools competitively showcase their talents with an aim of enabling them make their skills and talents coexist with their academic potential so as to help them have a variety of options to choose from especially when they are out of school. This draws examples from many local and international personas that have exceled in either fields of life and have made brands for themselves from which they earn a living as well as being inspirations to people the world over.

The event which attracted a sizeable attendance of mainly teens and youths, a win for an event in its maiden year started on a high tempo mid-morning with a crazy deejay ensemble of DJ Gadget, DJ Promise and DJ Spin assisted by an equally fire brand emcee troupe of Shadray, Tim Kash who kept the audience wishing it was more of a trans day disco than a talent show, maintained its momentum as the contestants swept the stage one after the other in the different categories that they were vying for to a select panel of judges that were experienced in the different fields. From comedians to dancers, artists, deejays and beat boxers, the teens surely sent out a message that they were here for business and not even the afternoon showers drenched anyone’s spirit of having fun.

An interview with the M.D of Newrich Media Company Limited, the organizing team of these awards, a company that is specializing in print, branding and events revealed to us that these awards are here to boost the morale of young people by tapping in to talents that can turn into income generating projects when they are out of school. The finale will be on the 7th of December 2019 at the MTN arena Lugogo. This project will then be rolled out at a much bigger platform next year as we traverse the country and provide mentorship to the other young people.

So, if you are a teen out there and you have skills in something you are passionate about, rest be assured that the Nuflash Teens Achievers Awards is coming your way and it’s about time you got to work. See you 7th December at the MTN Arena Lugogo for the grand finale. Peace out.

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