Scream & Drain My Pain

Medium. Scream And Drain My Pain

I want to run, to fly to go to the mountain top & scream. And vent. And break all the trees. Blow away the clouds. Smash the rocks. Kyanja Hill.

I want to stand in this rain & scream my lungs out. Hug the air. Chase the wind. Trap the drops before they hit the ground. Before they break their fragility. precious.

I want to let the tears flow & then wash away in the rain. Let it flow down my face. My body. My feet. Into the ground…and soak in there. Bury into the ground. I want to cry in the rain because there , I am safer. No one will know I am hurting. Crying. I want to scream to the world that I miss you. I really do. I  Love you. I wish you knew.

I want to escape. To another dimension where there’s no sorrow. No pain. No hurt. No hate.

Gryffin Illenium – Feel Good ft. Daya

4 thoughts on “Scream & Drain My Pain

  1. I was going through a heartbreak moment so I dropped those lines.
    I drew motivation to write it when I listened to Gryffin Illenium – Feel Good ft. Daya because listening to music helps me set the right mood to write something and usually at that moment, I write deeply from the heart.
    Thank you.


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