Break-Fast Jam Finals 2019

BFJ 2019 (11)

By the time the emcee drops the mic, gets down on the floor and executes some killer dance moves then you definitely know things are on fire. With the crowd going gaga and swarming the stage with every move Jora Mc pulled, it was evident that the annual Break-Fast Jam finals that were held at YMCA Wandegeya were lit, as per the word these days.

BFJ 2019 (22)

The annual two-day event which is like a pilgrimage of dancers from as far as Europe is one of East Africa’s most exciting breakdance, hip-hop, urban culture events, organized by FreshLane to inspire, nurture and promote talents and creativity.

It featured breakdance & popping battles, live graffiti painting, live traditional drumming by Nilotika Cultural Assemble, vendors & hip-hop market, workshops, showcases & performances of rap, dance, beat boxing, Deejaying, Parkour/free running and a lot more the urban arts and culture scene has to offer.

Dancers arrived as early as 2p.m. for an event slated to start at 5p.m. to get a feel of the crazy old school break beats the deejays kept spinning in preparation for the massive battles ahead. The intensity of the Bboy and popping battles makes dancers to literally break their bodies apart for the top spots. At the end of the event, Bbosa Reneus continued to prove himself as one of the best dancers in Uganda when he took top spot in the fierce 7 to Smoke breaking battles.

The 3 vs. 3 crew breaking battles were won by Tirupati Underground Crew, Salvador Alongi representing for IDU comically won the Solo popping battle, Senyonjo Miracle took the Solo kids breaking battle title, Nambalirwa “Bgirl Jojo” Joan cemented her position as a top b.girl when she took the Solo B-girl battle for the fourth time while Muhammad K’aminju Jijo from Kenya took 1 vs. 1 breaking battle.  A very tightly and heatedly contested category.

Featuring participants from Finland, UK, German, Kenya, Canada, Belgium and Uganda, the entertainment was perfectly sorted. Booz/De Boy (German) threw the crowd into frenzy when in his performance he put aside the mic, asked for space and took the crowd into a cramping showcase. Rappers St.Nellysade, Cyno Mc, Lil Rich, Ejuku, Ring Rapper Ratata and Lyrical G represented for Uganda. BPU Afro Squad (Uganda) brought the afro pop energy, Monk.E, Zowe World, Jazz and The Tree, Holy Dance Unit from DRC,

BFJ 2019 (10)

Target Squad (Uganda), Street Dance Force (Uganda) legendary dancers Antonio Bhukar, Erick Sama and Faizal Mostrixx (Uganda), Bboy Drift (Kenya). Dj Bent (Uganda) Dj Lp (Belgium) and Dj Mantain (UK) were on the decks doing what they know best, Judge Slyrreas & Antti (Finland), I also participated in breaking and waacking workshops that were organized by she Is HipHop. An arts group that enriches the girl child and a freestyle session by Ugandan dance legend Jesse Kakooza. Graffiti lovers were represented by Monk.E and Mos.Opten.

Partners& sponsors:
Talent Africa group, Breakdance project Uganda (BPU),Viva Con Agua Kampala, Imagination Circle, Cypher Code Japan, Safari Vibes, Up Gradez, Dukem Ethiopian restaurant. Organized by FreshLane.

BFJ 2019 (18)BFJ 2019 (17)BFJ 2019 (16)BFJ 2019 (15)BFJ 2019 (14)BFJ 2019 (13)BFJ 2019 (12)

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