The Baby I Never Had

Oh sweetheart. God bless its heart. The sweet angel that never was.

The baby I never had. A Hercules of a son; athletic, talented, Intelligent. Super
handsome. Put in a pinch of a lil bit crazy. Minion. Some mother & father looks, a
beautiful boy. A son of moral Christian reasoning. Well, his name would be

The baby I never had. A daughter. As pleasing to look at as the morning sun,
charming as the evening setting of the same. Beautiful as a city set on a hill top. Or the radiant stars of a starry
night. As beautiful as her mother. Very beautiful she was. Of Nobel character.
With a smile that assured every day that things would be alright. The hope.
That faded. The tears I shaded. For a Kia in her I never yielded.

The babies I’ll never have because of their mother I never had. Two litluns to be running all over the house, turning everything upside down. Two mischievous little earthlings with a combined madness of their mom & dad. How playfully wretched the home would’ve been. Like a mad house. A family of love, laughter, happiness &
beauty with God ruling above everything.

The babies I’ll never have, but their mother thought otherwise of that dream & so I was left behind.

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