The Devil’s Advocate

The Devils Advocate

She came in a fine form, with a nice round Butt, the kind that he liked. Innocence on her face, speech seemingly divine. Her ways were charming and her dreams, schemes and aspirations were enchanting. Just like to Eve by the serpent in the garden….. and the days rolled on filled with love so fine. A year or so of normal romanticism and the doomed nigga thought she was the one to define eternity.

But that wretched thing of a female. Heart like a devil’s dwelling, evil coiled and intertwined all over its cold, emotionless and un gratified piece of a heart. Stone.
She shot him down, not with cupid’s arrows but with the devil’s trident.She played his heart like a fiddle, evil.Bitch be like a mistress to the devil.Faked smiles, faked love and faked even the sweet nothings that she said.

But like a seed when she tried to bury him, he instead sprung up like a new shoot, busted the shit off of the evil bubble, and dusted himself off. And when she knew she been busted, she pretended that she was just playing. But a lie be hard to hide, bitch got busted and shit got spilling. Spinning out of control. The devil’s mistress soon got deserted and the broken heart homeboy wishes karma plays her part well or rather ……….he kept the last words to himself.

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