The Cost Of Our Pride

One of the reasons some people have continued to go deeper into the world of uncertainty & unhappiness is because of their pride to change back to the right course from the poor decisions made. We’re all not perfect, it’s a sinners’ anthem but it doesn’t mean we can’t help others from not falling.

Someone can make a decision & gets back clash & out reasoned from their people but because they fear to be called cowards & show a lack of deeper analysis of their decisions, they continue down the dangerous course hoping to prove people wrong. But is it really worth it? To kill your future just because you want to stunt on people & show them that you can, even if it costs you your life? Dreams? Ambitions?

Life has always offered us more chances to redeem our lives through the advice of friends & family but we’ve always missed it because of our pride & when the walls are closing in & it all feels like you’re trapped, you’ll be on your own with no one to help as they’ll be on the sidelines sipping fanta watching you trying to prove to them that you can make it & that’s it for the rest of your life. Running in the shadows because you fear the light will judge you.
It’s not always that God will pass through only religious leaders. The family & friends He gave us are so many times also His mouth piece. But have we cared to listen to them? The ones with differing thoughts?

There’s a point to turn around especially when people still care despite how far deep you’ve gone. Take it while the window is still open. Take time off & think about it. Take time & actually think about it. While it’s still open.

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