The Love Letter

The Love Letter

Before the advent of over as many social media apps. Before people became mad at being left at seen & blue ticks and spending their days talking on walls and dealing with all the drama that comes with sliding into DMs, there was something called Love Letters.

I know so many of the current young people’s ideology of something called a letter evolves around academic and professional documents. Anything outside that has never been heard of. Pen pals, love letters?  Nada. They cannot even deal. It is all about pinging and what not that we call it these days.

Those days, writing a love note or letter was the real deal. How could you even be considered dating goals if you cannot jot down one? Failure to reply to one was a crime and called for an investigation and was usually seen as a sign of something gone wrong. It was a cardinal rule that people dating had to write to each other. No matter the size or quality of the paper, a love letter was arguably the best thing a lover could get from the other and it was always anticipated for highly.

People would be seen scribbling down words in lessons and passing them over to others or there would be messengers delivering them any time available. Best in the evening or in the morning, it was always a highlight. A great way to either start or end the day and the content usually so much determined how the night or day of the receiver went. Some would have special writing pads, others would perfume them while some would go to the extreme of kissing them and by indicating where they have, they would tell their person to also kiss there. hhmm. We have seen days.

Letter writing made some of us Shakespeares of sorts and as well as copywriters for those that didn’t have the arts. Though the end to that was just as well dramatic. Some girls ended up falling in love with the copywriters themselves. LOL. If you don’t miss high school nkutya.

9 thoughts on “The Love Letter

  1. Aww I know of a few couples that wrote letters to each other when they were long distance! That’s something my boyfriend and I have never done but he would leave me little notes in my lunch that I took to work that I loved finding everyday 🙂 Written word goes a long way!

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  2. Love letter writing in perfumed papers is considered obsolete nowadays. One has to dedicate a time and talent to write a letter and to get attention. The courtship and dating scene today takes a different turn, no more eloquent words.

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