The Perfect Wedding

The Perfect Wedding

In a packed but quiet church, the guests all sat looking immaculately spick and span. The groom stood facing the altar on which stood the clergy, eagerly waiting to join the two love birds to eternity. Matrimony.

As the organist played the piano, it felt like the heavens were going to come down today. It felt like somewhere up in the vault the angels too were in attendance. Attentively envying the mortals that had found love and were in the process of making it divine. Matrimony. And yet just as well equally happy for the people below them were like a match made in heaven.

Just at that moment, the doors opened. A large pair of tall mahogany doors with beautiful stained glasses of Jesus with the sun at his feet looking down at everyone entering the church.  From the bright sun outside, glowing and mellow came into the sweetly scented church decorated with all kinds of flowers; roses, lilies, peonies, chrysanthemums and sweet peas, preceded by a light breeze that swept swiftly through the guests, lo and behold the lady. Looking every inch a gorgeous bride.

Escorted by her father. A divine sight. She stopped and drew in a breath. It showed through her veil. It heaved and rested back on her veiled face. A beauty hidden behind. She was nervous. She looked at him turn in slow motion to face her as she wrapped her hand round her father’s. One of the most beautiful sights he has ever seen. Decked in a snow white off shoulder ball wedding gown, the dress’ arm sleeves, wrapped softly below her shoulders, on flowing elegant hands that held nervously the round bouquet by soft, magical hands. A divine sight. They proceeded down the aisle to meet him. Or rather floated.

His mind at that instant froze. He froze. Time around him froze. The most beautiful woman he had fallen in love with was walking toward him. This time, to be joined with him into a world of eternity. Were the heavens going to accept them? His biggest wish. The church froze.

He swears he saw a halo around her equally diamond white tiara. Decked atop ink black hair. The most beautiful sight he has ever seen.

Standing face to face, between the congregations, the clergyman and the heavens above, they exchanged vows. A knot of eternity. And upon having lifted the veil off her face, wiped a tear that was slowly flowing down her check. Tear of joy, his hands capped her face, holding it gently like a glass bout to break, he bent in and kissed her because the religious leader had said, “…you may now kiss the bride.”


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    1. Thank you for reading. But with the way you’re letters to your ex boyfriends, I think the would be “You may now kiss the bride” is scared to say anything.

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