The Realist of Your Relationship

Being in love is one thing. You can exchange gifts, hangout, text, smash, post about each other and call at any time but the realist of your relationship is when things start going down south and life shifts from being that soft, bed of roses to a world war of hearts.

When people start intruding into your space. Like they even pay your rent. Trying to break down what you have built together. Your empire. When communication between you two has become vague. Static. Trying hard to be in their presence. Trying hard to put a point across and they are not showing any sign to be picking up your signals. When you are like a ghost to them. Call it being ghosted. Unnecessary
fights. The ones that do not end up in makeup sex but break up threats. The nagging guilt feeling making you feel like you are the reason for the mess. That maybe it is you who is not trying to make things work. Poverty, ill health and so many other unpleasant occurrences, putting your relationship at the edge of breaking but yet you
still want to go on with each other no matter what.

The realist of your relationship is when all the above and more has happened but because there is the warmth of their smile, the tenderness of their touch, the melody of their voice, the wholesomeness of their hugs. You have that feeling that no one is going to come up and love you like they do. That no one will make you laugh genuinely. That no one will understand the little things that made your relationship tick. Like the moments they are angry at you for reasons they know best but then in a few moments later, you are both smiling like you did not take a rest.

You still feel that life is and will be beautiful forever again……now that is real love. It would be a shame if you disappointed someone who felt towards you that way. Let not that love die. Water it. Shelter it. Let it be like that moment of coming up from the ashes, like the mythical bird, The Phoenix.

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