To The Man I Replaced

In this world where it is difficult for man to find a woman who truly loves & settles down with him, I know the pain man goes through when after he’s found ‘the one’ sadly wakes up one day & that love is ended.  When ‘the one’ has Usain bolted away especially if not by anything he’s done wrong but just because another man came into his woman’s picture as a ‘better one’ making one ask themselves why didn’t she just stay single till this ‘better one’ came her way instead of wasting this guy’s time. To that man I may have caused such a problem, I’d like to apologize.

I am sorry for having made you irrelevant. The time, resources, plans, dreams & hopes all yielding to nothing. All thrown out of the window (her heart) like they never mattered. Like you never mattered. Trust me, I know how it feels like to love someone & then they leave you for someone else like as if you were the plague. Corona virus. Like as if all that time you’ve spent together & the memories built & the future you envisioned together was just trash & a waste of time.

I am sorry that I used someone else to know your flaws. In fact I am sorry that I disrespected your right to privacy to know things about you that you preferred no one else minus your beloved partner knew. That I used that very person to break your trust & use information about you to bring you down. Sharing with me your life secrets. Sorry that now I know you’re like a minion in bed. How else was I going to be able to make her realize that I am the better man? The more capable knight in shining armor that her life needed. That I am the only one that could make all those flaws you have vanish & bring into her life a more realistic picture of a happy ever after.

I am very sorry that I made her look at even the slightest things that were so irrelevant & could be ignored in your relationship as red flags & I capitalized on them to make you look like a loser. They laid the foundation on which I built my Castile. I was selfish. Wow! I was cold, ruthless & savage. Donald Trump.

It is my bad that I have used you to contribute to the ever growing number of people who think that love is trash, all girls are the same. Cold, loose, materialistic and parasitic cute monsters. Devils at the worst. Contributing to the soaring heights of depression cases caused by love problems. I am a monster. I am a monster who put words in your woman’s head and made her reasoning blind to the pleas you made that you were going to change and be a better man, that I made her run out of patience to be with you & from giving you numerous chances to redeem your love. Probably if it wasn’t for me, you would have felt it from your heart to give him more time to change. 

That I made her scorn, scoff & turn a blind eye to your tears & like the queen of darkness, made her wrap her talons around your fragile heart breaking it into tiny pieces & with no remorse turn around & walked out. Leaving you lieing bare, cold on the floor. Wallowing in your tears & emotional filth. It’s on monsters that do that.

I honestly don’t know how best I could repay you for your loss because some women are priceless. Losing them is immeasurable. Maybe one day if she leaves me too for someone better, which I am pretty much sure that it’s what you’re praying for & as they usually do, I will get to feel the same way as you did at my hands & look back at what I did to you & feel the same pain I caused you or worse then I’ll sit down & say, “justice has been rightly served,” & I’ll put my tail between my legs, cry a river of guilt & regret & walk down the same road as I pushed you down on to.

8 thoughts on “To The Man I Replaced

  1. For love to run smooth, each entity has to put in effort to make it work because love shouldn’t be a one man’s business. It’s a mutual understanding.


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