Ugandans & Their Education System. Whose Fault Is It?

I’ve seen many of y’all making noise of how terrible our education system is. I am not here to defend of how good it is but still I am here to disagree to some degree with you. Yes the prairies, mitochondria & stuff are now at our age most probably very irrelevant to have been studied but yet I’ll partly shift the blame on us.
Uganda’s education system is divided into levels. I.e. nursery, primary, secondary & higher level i.e. university & the like.

Nursery school teaches us the basic things a child has to learn. English, Math, socializing. Primary school isn’t pretty much different as here it broadens the nursery syllabus & as well adds in some bit of history (S.ST) & Science. We learn about basic monetary skills & other mathematical skills. We even play more vigorously thus
building our physical abilities. Speech days, assemblies & MDDs are also held for those who want to develop/ exercise their arts.

Secondary school slides in & this’s where most of you get your issues from. Secondary
school exposes us to many things & subjects & what you do here literally determines what happens next to your life. O’level gives us a buffet of subjects; from geography, biology, languages to mathematics etc. & the choice to choose what to drop or carry on with.

This is where most make the cardinal mistake and that is to hate some or their teachers with passion over the others and this usually happens with science subjects and that is when majoring and minoring in subjects happens.
So someone goes for a subject like Luganda. Not because they want it but just because of the bias they have towards the other subjects especially science subjects. Now, with their Luganda, they reach a level of choosing what courses to do at campus. You look at your Luganda and there is hardly any sensible course that is going to take you in.
Meanwhile, your pal who chose biology, physics, literature in English or something like that is spoilt for choice. They are having medicine, dentistry, law etc. on their table.

Then after that, you join campus or its equivalent with a course in let’s say, SWASA and your subject combination is Luganda, Anthropology and MDD. What exactly the heck is that? On top of that, you don’t put in effort to excel with a dope CGPA but you’re doing good chasing skirts, playing men, doing weed or running up and down with anti-riot police. Discussion groups bring you rushes.

God smiles at you & you finish campus & enter the employment field. Talk of ‘from the frying pan into the fire’. Then you start looking for jobs that need the qualifications you studied. One year, two years & so on wapi. Your oil & petroleum friendsmeanwhile are out there in some lab slaying around in lab coats checking oil samples.
Unlucky for you, you even have no other compensating skill or art. No marketing skills, no social media skills, no tailoring skills, no athletic skill, computer skills akuna. The sex skills you practiced playing campus babes aren’t getting you anywhere either, no nothing.
At campus you have been playing hide and seek from other friends because you didn’t want them to ask you what you have been up to and what course you’re doing yet you’re the one who chose it.

At the end of the day seriously, why wouldn’t you get on line & start making noise at others of how poor our education system is? You did social science and you thought you were safe. You guys were like 8875 in a class, the least few had family businesses to go back to, some had to open legs to get in, others had their life mapped out by their powerful families & a lucky few could gain employment through the few windows
that could accommodate them. And that is probably because their CGPA was high or they had other skills to offer and the very least are running their own businesses dealing in things they probably never studied at campus & why wouldn’t you complain?
You turn to God for a miracle but that Sunday at church, the preacher said that Godworks at his own timing. Damn! So then later you log on line, probably the mother source of envy these days because there you are going to see your friend slaying at their work place or in some fancy joint or rolling with celebs & boom, your anger will shoot through the roof and start thinking that the gods, your ancestors abandoned you or
someone is bewitching you.

You start posting about invisible haters, complain of our bogus education system which I must also admit needs serious overhaul but do you remember where it all came from?
Your failure to discover or nurture your talent, gaining any skill out of class or school experience, poor social skills and most importantly then, choosing some bogus combination in high school all because it was easy to pass. How easy is life right now? Huh?

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