Why Would You Even Hate Social Media PDA?

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It is always a good moment of love to me. Seeing that there are people celebrating love despite all this chaos going on around us. Today, browsing through my news feeds, I am loving watching couples post away, deep in love. Eating out, having a great outdoors, hanging with friends, movies, goofing or geeking around. Those mirror selfies. It is always romantic & lovely to me seeing couples walking into shops, restaurants, malls or on the streets loving themselves. Eavesdropping on some of their conversations as they are talking love to each other gives peace to my soul.

Ignoring the wars, pandemics, slave trade, coups & all the noise, that there are some people who are enjoying their moment without caring of the level of PDA they are exhibiting.

But then there is the dark side of those who always hate on it. Who fail to ask themselves or lay down the criteria of what pictures one ought to post. There’s no award ever given for the posts that you share that they’re the best. Unless of course if you’re running for some photographers award competition. If you do not want to share love with your partner then that’s your problem. Let those who want to do so do it. If you’re not happy of them at least that’s you. There’s always those that will be happy of theirs. If you don’t want people to post of their lovers, what do you want them to post? The toilet?

If you snatched your partner from someone else & you fear the back clash, sorry. If they’re ugly A.F, sorry. If your family isn’t happy of your choice, sorry. If you’re an introvert about such stuff, sorry.
Let those that are not make the noise. We should always have a reason to celebrate & love is always up there on the list. You feel at liberty to post soccer updates, inspiration posts or awkward filtered pictures so why be hateful of those celebrating their love online? It’s a free world & love is the greatest thing to happen to man. Let’s celebrate it when we can.

Even though sometimes eternity cannot be guaranteed in our love lives but by the fact that at that moment it exists, let’s be free to celebrate it. Even in the open.

14 thoughts on “Why Would You Even Hate Social Media PDA?

  1. Great post. I am all for sharing my love online, be that my adoration for my partner or my children or my family. Why should we hide how we feel.

    SM is a tricky place and can often lead to some unpleasant behaviour from people.

    Plus I am a PDA kinda gal in public too x

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    1. Great talk. I think some people have been emotionally damaged so bad they take that frustration on others who’re celebrating love because they think it’ll also end in tears. Some even pray for it.

      But never the less, no one should rain on your parade because true love is supposed to be openly celebrated.


  2. Thanks for this! I often post my photos of my boyfriend and I on social media. Usually it’s during special occasions. Besides, it’s my profile and I can do whatever with it, as long as I am not hurting anybody 🙂 If people dont like what theyre seeing, they are free to use the unfollow button, right? 🙂

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    1. Lol. Maybe you’re a good one. However, there are people who would really go negative on others when they post their loves online & you really wonder why all this hate?


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