Covid-19 Lockdown. The Ultimate Relationship Test.

The white man has a saying that goes, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” & it’s because of this that I think it is an ugly truth that some relationships are held together because the couple spends less time together. They step out in the morning to go work & meet in the evening tired & looking forward to the next day so a short time later, they are sleeping & so the cycle continues. This creates a vacuum between them to be with each other. A loneliness & longingly to be with someone.

With this space, they try to maximize the littlest free time trying to enjoy each other’s attention. They may spend the day fantasizing about or texting lovely stuff to each other because of that void & there’s always that excitement a couple gets when they meet for that limited time usually supplemented by outings, movie nights & what not. In this way, exposure to each other’s flaws is limited.

But now, when everyone is expected to be in home so as not to catch the deadly virus but with unlimited time & access to each other’s personalities, the awkward behavior & the little bits that nag are eventually to be manifested.

People are confined in the same house with limited entertainment, the woman has no reason to wear makeup, the guy’s silly habits like not washing his boxers yet he’s around the whole day doing nothing are going to probably nag the woman, or his realization that she can’t actually cook is going to shock him. Maybe the reduction of money is going to cause frustration & you know what happens to so many relationships when that happens. Probably one has been tripping & now they’re going to be away from those people that have been getting their juices flowing outside the relationship & that may set in the mood swings. The couple is now going to be interacting for longer times & one will eventually realize how actually dumb their partner is through the discussions etc. The Covid-19 lock down relationship survival is all going to be dependent on how deeply, truly & transparent the relationship is…& God’s blessings too otherwise the breakup & divorce offices are going to be one hell of busy places once this is all over.

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