Winter Blogging Challenge. Winter ABC. #5; What I’d Teach My Class.

There are about three subjects that I can teach at the moment in my life.

1. Dance

2. Creative writing

3. Relationship issues

Because in the course of my life, I have come across these three subjects quite too often that for a very long time people usually come to me to help them about it.

I started dancing before I started dating. I was the best dancer in my dance crew in and out of school and my crew was the best n in a five mile radius in our hood for a long time and guys would come from near and far to take part in our free attendance dance classes so if I need to start a dance class for creative writers then you would best believe well versed with some afro-pop, break dance/ b.boy or dance hall skills to kill it fi dem pun de dance floor out deh.

Relationships, I’ve been through a lot though the only thing I haven’t tried yet is putting a ring on it. I have also heard, read and interacted with so many people concerning relationships that it’s one of the biggest topics on my blog. Definitely in my free time, it’s something I’d love talking about with people.

Currently, basing on my story of how I became the kind of writer that I am today, I am planning to hold an open ticket creative writing event to teach emerging writers how to step out into the industry & establish their mark.

This is something I have been doing on individual basis as well as a WhatsApp group where I collected a few people that seemed consistent in tapping from my knowledge. These included Makerere University journalism students, journalists, upcoming writers & those that wanted to just be motivated to read.

Briefly, it is intended to make manifest the writing spirit of beginners so that they can be able to produce that which is in their mind through realizing & embracing some of the key factors that make one a writer such as; motivation, identity & style.

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