Winter Blogging Challenge. Winter ABC 2020 #8. 3 Things I Wish African Content Creators Should Avoid.

In the field of content creation, there are so many gaffes exhibited by the creators that some have killed their vibes and limited their growth. From grammar to ignorance on the topic, these have affected their growth and authenticity among others. Below are three of them elaborated;  

Pride. I wish creative writers should avoid the element of pride. There are so many who feel so entitled to the title of blogger that they feel it downgrades them to follow, share, like, read or comment on fellow creatives’ works. It kills the vibe of togetherness. The community we’re surviving in and trying to build. They should know that this character eventually kills their growth especially if you do not support others then why should the others support you? This is what has made people like Musanjufu Benjamin to stand out in this field.

I think creatives should avoid plagiarism. People should learn to credit to the works there’re borrowing from others. If you’re sharing a tweet, paragraph and anything of the sort then why shouldn’t you capture the owner’s name too? The content is going to gain credit obviously but let it just as well gain credit to the originator? If I find you sharing my works with my credit on then definitely I will return the favor. I will share yours, like, comment and refer others to you as well.

Content creators need to do research where necessary and also work on their grammar. Sometimes readers are very keen that when you mess up things like geographical locations or years in a story that needs factual data, they will lose interest in your work or bash you for it. A not so good experience for a creative. With the grammar, there is nothing that kills a written story as poor grammar. Sometimes it kills your message that people will stop midway your content or they’ll start avoiding your content all together and this will definitely affect your growth and your reach.

Otherwise, thanks to Afrobloggers for this opportunity as every day is both a learning and teaching point that I hope many of us are picking something useful from.

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