Winter Blogging Challenge. Winter ABC 2020 #9 4 Social Media Accounts I Love & Why.

Social media is a vast world. There is so much in so many places that choosing a favourite account at any of the sites is a tedious task itself.

Personally, I never really get to pick a favorite site and be like ‘This is my go to account whenever I get to log in so as to catch up on whatever is happening along the streets of a certain social media.’ this is because instead of a particular one I get to follow numerous similar sites to catch up on whatever latest is there depending on who posts it first and better.

But never the less, let me see what I can come up otherwise I’ll be failing at my task of making this challenge happen.

Twitter; Afrobloggers & Benjamin Musanjufu

I mainly use my Twitter for 2 things; football & news updates but on the streets of Twitter, these are the sites I usually look out for because they always keep me updated on the latest in the world of blogging. In fact I’ve used these accounts to help me grow my WordPress. Ironic, right.

Instagram; I mainly use my IG for 3 things, comedy, military info (Because I at one time wanted to join) and dance videos (because it’s both a hobby and talent) but currently, I am an ardent follower of the Nigerian comedian, I Am Dulo. He voices videos with the most famous one being about a duck that refused to be floated on water.

Facebook; I find Facebook so crowded thatI have no specific account of interest. Whatever catches my eye in the feed is what I go with.

YouTube; I have no specific account of interest here either but as long it’s either showing me the right documentary or playing the music I want then why not. My particular kind of music is EDM, acoustics or 2000 music. I usually love my music in mixes.

See you tomorrow folks. Adios.

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