Winter Blogging Challenge. Winter ABC 2020 #11. 5 Proverbs In My Vernacular And What They Mean.

AfroBloggers is here to engage us in all fronts. Now they are promoting our cultural backgrounds by persuading us to go back to our mother tongues. Very commendable.

  1. Olaba embwa egobba owekiwempe, kati gwe owedibba? loosely, translated; If you see a dog chasing down a man carrying a carpet, what about you with an animal skin (hide) example; Someone might be doing something totally illegal for example trading in counterfeited cigarettes and they’re apprehended by police and then for you after seeing all this going down, you decide to go into trafficking heroin. Damn. By the time the police has arrested a contraband trader, do you think you a heroin trafficker will survive?
  • Linda kigweyo afumita mukira. Loosely translated; Waiting for it to complete, you may get the tail only. Example;You may take your time to decide over a matter and by the time you come to the conclusion of taking action, the time has elapsed. A classic example is of one trying ti starts a business. You may want to take your time saving up enough resources to enable you start a good business but by the time you think you’re ready, you’re aged to even enjoy the profits that may come out of it.
  • Tekiwomera matama abiri; English equivalent of ones man’s meat is another man’s poison. Weall know what that means or presume but never the less, it means that we all differ in choices, tastes or preferences. What works for me might not work for you.
  • Nyama ntono okayana ekuli munkwawa. Loosely; Small meat, you complain while you’ve stashed some. English equivalent; Half a loaf is better than none. Example; If there is relief being given somewhere and it’s little. As you’re complaining about its small quantity, it’s better you do so while you’ve stashed some somewhere because you may as well have ended up with getting nothing.

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