Winter Blogging Challenge. Winter ABC 2020 #15 An Issue That’s So Close To My Heart.

Fall In Love Using Your Head As Much As Your Heart.

Ever since I started writing, it’s been mainly about relationships. The things that have affected my love
life whether good or bad & also about others. Those I’ve read about, heard or had an opportunity to talk to. Giving advice on how to love & live right hoping something else out there might pick something to learn from it & sure thing many have.
My biggest fear in a relationship is being unable to make my person happy to an extent of loving me the
same way I love them. In equal measure, I really upsets me hearing that someone gave their all into a
relationship but instead of the other person returning the same, they instead played them.
It double hurts me when the person ignored the red flags, went against all warnings & everything that screamed danger about the person they were trusting & gave themselves in. Sometimes it gets so bad when they’re left with permanent scars.

Basing on a recent social media storm in Uganda where a prominent media personality got the shock of
her life when she found out that the man she got married to wasn’t a doctor as he’d made her believe but
instead was a security guard in the Middle East. He had manipulated her so well by creating fake s. media accounts where he faked stories of her fellow workers shooting shots at him & she fell for them & went into fights with many of her friends thinking they were true.

I’ve always emphasized that people should always involve their brains as much as their emotions when
falling in love naye wa, people still go for that love is blind bullshit because on a serious note, how can you say you’re in a relationship with someone & they successfully dupe you into thinking they’re working
somewhere yet it’s a lie for years?

Like, don’t you people ever talk about your professional life as a couple? Catching up after work & talk about how your day was & all that office drama? Don’t you know any of your partner’s workmates, no work place photos, ID? Nothing? How? What kinda couple are you? What sort of relationship is that?
Why allow your emotions to blind your thinking? I know it’s very important to be emotional about one’s
relationship but as long as you start feeling something for someone, let your brain have a fair share in
determining whether this person is best to move in with or not because the heart is most definitely going to say yes, blindly, but the brain should be the one to make that final conclusion after carrying out all the
necessary background checks about the person you’re dating with.

You may even find that someone might have warned her about dating this guy & she thought they’re bad
mind people trying to hate on her new found love. My anger is also sponsored by my ex who did the same mistake. God bless her soul.

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