Winter Blogging Challenge. Winter ABC 2020 #16. Loss & Healing.

Falling Out Of Love. It’s Not The End

He had a weakness. It was love. It was a kind of love that when given it would be so deep, so true, so real it couldn’t just fade away like that. Love. His kind of love. Different.

Then he met a girl. He gave her his greatest weakness. Love. He loved her through & through. He loved her proper. He loved her none holding back. And so to him, she also loved. Her life, she once said, was because of him. She confessed.

Then one day. It all changed. When she told him, she loved him no more. Her heart belonged to someone else. Those were her words. Diamond cuts diamond. Iron sharpens iron. She used the love she proclaimed for him against him. 

He remembered when she told him that if it comes to a time that she may leave, he shouldn’t sit back & watch but should run after her. Usain Bolt. To show her that he actually loved her. But she never put herself in his shoes. Was he made to run after the people he loved? Why don’t they stay so that there is no need to be running around? Love is not a marathon, baby. Always try to work things out. This ain’t a world war. They were trying out love here.

He doesn’t know whether she ever ask herself why some people turn out to be cold to love? It’s because they loved people truly but with all that love that they gave, they were still made to run after the same people to prove it. A promise she made of never hurting him, damn, lies. Baby, she just done broke it!

He went into rage & threw a fit. He caused a storm & a river he cried. His eyes sank & his heart caved. His spirit waned & his feelings fazed. He was dazed, a gloomy face. 

But one day he woke up. Looked outside his window. It was bright. It was sunny. The birds were out there singing. The skies were blue. The tears that he was crying the previous night, were now dried. He got out of his room & walked away. From all the troubles that made him ache. He walked away never to turn back. He’d seen so much evil & pain in the world. And now? He wanted none of it. Evil on one side.

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