Winter blogging challenge. Winter ABC 2020. #22 Issa Wrap.

It’s like a grand finale to an awesome piece. It actually is. The emotions are inevitable. The flash backs on what was. The memories made. The friendships, account growths & connections made. The lessons learnt from the different topics & others’ works. The uncertainty of what’s to come next is looming over head like dark clouds. It’s sad.

Afrobloggers takes all the credit for making this happen. For motivating us to tap into potentials we’ve not waded into before. Each day came with its own particular anticipations & own take on skills. I’ve tackled topics I’ve not really thought of tackling before & made friends in one of the most awesome of ways. It was lovely. It was love.

A great thanks to all those that participated. The corporation. The motivation from so many to us to write. A sneak peek into what the other has written has made many have ideas on what to write. The likes, comments & follows were great motivations. Oh, the hashtags.

This was the first writing challenge of this kind that I’ve taken part in & damn, I am more than ready for the next one.

The few parting words; Afrobloggers, bring it on to the next one. Game face is on.

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