Arguments In Relationships

Arguments are a hell in a relationship & they, if not correctly resolved may end up separating the two. Obviously. They have always stressed that once someone stops arguing with you in a bid to correct you in a relationship then it’s high time you realize that things are going down south. It’s at this point that they have given up with trying to make you better living with (mentally, physically or behavioral) & now they’re letting you to be free with doing whatever you want despite how it would portray about or affect the relationship.

On a lighter note though, a healthy relationship must have arguments because in a normal setting, two people cannot just agree on everything throughout. Unless of course if there is coercion somewhere in the dark. Classic example is Judas. He turned out the complete opposite of the whole lot & also, arguments are a way of indicating that something somewhere isn’t right between the two of you.

An all yes relationship isn’t healthy at all because people are usually enslaved trying to please one another. This leads to forced submission & control as well as psychological torture. For example, if one partner says “Let’s have seven kids.” but the other disagrees, it shows that actually something needs to be resolved. Seven kids in this era is hell. High living costs, expensive medi-care & education as well as health & physical complications on the mom. Yeah, these days it’s a thing.

When a couple has a healthy fight, it’s usually a sign that they care for each other in a way that they’re trying to reach to an agreement about something & if correct measures are taken, it shows that they’re willing to stand being corrected & make their relationship better.

When a fight arises, I advise that both partners, if they’re still interested in staying together, take the initiative to resolve the matter by taking time to analyze the situation, meditate about it, be open to sharing information & ideas, be emphatic to the other & put God into it otherwise, each sticking to their ego eventually crashes the relationship.

Good luck, thanks for reading, stay loving.

However, the arguments should be healthy & correct measures to minimize & resolve them peacefully have to be taken otherwise they may as well be the highway to a break up.

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