I wish you spent real time with me so that you don’t have to act like you were in it but clearly now I see you never felt me. You weren’t in it. Romantic hypocrite.

I gave you my heart, my love. Put my life on the line for you. For us. But clearly, you never wanted it to last. Otherwise, you would’ve saved it. I felt you, sadly ’cause I thought you deserved it. You deserved me. But it was my miss judgment. Now I am broken. Heart in pieces. Shattered emotions.

Back & forth you treated love like it was a football. The disrespect. I loved you, baby. You had my respect. But now it’s like sky fall. Pandemic situations.

Do you know what it feels like right now when I remember how I used to feel like in the days I used to fall into your arms? …Your arms full of lies now that I realize. You damn covered my eyes & shut out the light. Blindfolded. You blinded me with your lies & now I am like a bat. Sightless. My heart filled with hatred. Poisoned. Tears on my pillow, wettest. Wasted. How could you do it my princess when I thought you was priceless?

And just like Judas Iscariot, you went around me & sold me out. For I don’t know how many pieces but I think they were cheap & made me worthless.

 A true story.

Inspired by the songs; SMANasty C ft. Rowlene & Bed of LiesNicki Minaj.

6 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. The pain of heartbreak. Some people say time heals, and you get over it, but I don’t really think that’s true. Can you ever stop loving someone? I still love someone, even after 5 years, and I haven’t seen him for that long. Your story is moving,and full of emotion.

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    1. Complete getting over someone is more like a myth and unless someone never really loved the other, you can’t literay just get over them like that.


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