Break Up Blues. Is It Always Their Fault?

When a break up occurs, usually, every one of the affected parties will play the victim card. Even the clearly guilty bustard will try to get people in their favor so that they’re not looked at with an evil eye for breaking the vows, promises & or anything the relationship stood for.

However, a mistake we make when we are breaking up with people is always looking at things one way (Hoping to gain public sympathy, usually, looking for an escape from the faults that are haunting us). Always pointing at the other’s faults & capitalizing on them. Usually to make them feel guilt conscious or to cover up on our mistakes. Concentrating on how bad they affected us.

But then we don’t torch into us & whether of how we might have affected them. We don’t look at ourselves & our role in the break up. We run away from wearing their shoes in the relationship. How heavy or torn they were forcing them into jumping ship.

We don’t ask ourselves whether despite the other’s faults, we too are to have stayed in their life.

It takes a great deal of courage to admit our faults in a break up. We never ask ourselves whether our being in their life might actually have hindered their progress. How uncomfortable we may have been to live with. Most a times, the reasons for a breakup are two way, not just a one person’s errors.

So. Before you run around spreading word of how bae evilly broke your heart, you should as well do some good enough self-assessment about the matter so that you don’t look like a wolf wearing a sheep-skin.

4 thoughts on “Break Up Blues. Is It Always Their Fault?

  1. 100% agree with this. I think it’s way too easy for us to focus on the faults of the other person, when in many cases it was also faults of our own that led to an inevitable break up.

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