Call On Me

Call on me when your heart is broken, I’ll mend it without a damn. No cost taken. I’ll make you believe in love again. I promise to make you fly. I’ll be waiting right from the start. Even if at dawn, you will still find my home & welcome, you will feel so warm.

Call on me, I’ll have my chest for you to hug, my heart to accommodate you. My shoulder for you to drench your tears, my arms, strong & sturdy to hold you tight & your tears I will wash away with showers of endless love & care & just once more, you will smile again. I promise you that.

Call on me because so many times, I think about you. Everyday. I think about your lips & long to kiss you. Instantly to hold you. Your voice, the sweetest melody. I wanna hear you again. When I think about those moments when I have you, when I had you. I wanna hug you. I wish to, that I can rewind it over again. Don’t you want to step into it with me? How couldn’t you? Why?

Call on me because I miss you as you’re not here, let’s not even argue about it. I want to dance with you under the sky, the stars, stare in twinkleness as the angels in heaven bare to us witness. Your love to me is a weakness. I can’t rest. Call me restless if I am not with you. You have me in some sort of a love trance. Stuck on replay.

Call on me & I will do the 1000 miles to pick you up without a grudge. I am ready to let you in & show you all that you missed then maybe one day……we will only kiss to the merriment & bliss of our union. A perfect toast.

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