Cupid & Blues, Hearts & Feelings

Imagine, falling in love with someone who finds it natural to check on you. Just to know how you are doing. Hitting you up at night to know how your day was. But just as well know when it is best not to bother you. A reader of your feelings. A simple text to say good night. Someone not bothered to call, text, inbox, post, tag or poke you just to let you know they think of you.

Someone you thank cupid for, love listening to the blues with as both your hearts catch feely feelings.

Who can make up a lame program just to spend a time with you. However little or messing to their personal program it may be. Someone who wouldn’t mind holding your shoulder, hand or waist in public because you are their personal person. Their favorite. Let the world see us. Sometimes love is a show. Let it play on. Fuck the audience.

Someone who’s gratified at even the littlest of things you’ve done for them. Even if you or others feel it’s irrelevant. Someone who’s not afraid of public perception about you. You are their person. not the world’s. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. They are your main beholder. Your secrets’ keeper. Someone who’s done things that make you call them noting short of special.

But do such people exist? I think they do…..but are a limited edition. Is that you? I do hope so. Because I am one of them.

41 thoughts on “Cupid & Blues, Hearts & Feelings

  1. I loved this because it made me think of my special person and how much I love him.

    Sending good vibes all the way from South Africa. Michelle (

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            1. But are you giving them the chance to show you their efforts?
              Sometimes we as men would be dieing to show this lady that we’re really interested but the lady’s ways ain’t giving us peace at all.


  2. I used to be a hopeless romantic, pretty much my entire life. I wasn’t a girl who envisioned her wedding day, but I did want to find my soulmate. My parents have been married nearly 50 years, work together and immigrated to the States with just me in tow & some suitcases.
    I actually started writing last night about how I constantly β€œchased the fairytale of love.” I was so intent on finding it, it drove away people I dated or I ran the second I thought I could find love with someone else. I’ve been married now for almost 8 years. I’m sad to say, as time goes by I believe less and less in the idea of love. Beautiful piece though. πŸ€—

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  3. I do think a sign of love is checking that the other person is OK, have they had a good day, how do they feel etc. Its the actions that speak louder than words

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    1. That’s true Linzmati. There’s nothing that makes love beautiful than being on the same vibe as your partner.

      And you being one of the limited editions, that’s beautiful. Makes the two of us. πŸ˜ƒ

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