Day 1 #AugustRush Blogging Challenge. My Favorite Blogging Moment.

Well, finally, another blogging challenge is here and this time it’s from right here in our backyard by our very own Ugandan initiative, Uganda Blogging Community ugbloc_uganda. This should be exciting already.

It’s a great blogging moment too that Ugandan bloggers are also starting to get us engaged.

However, let me look back to I don’t know if I should call it a random blogging moment because I got a lot of them but let me pick out the one where I scored 100 followers and Word Press sent me a congratulatory message. I was thrilled. 100 people following me? That means I am speaking to someone out there. The likes had already skyrocketed to above 500 and my excitement literary shot through the roof.

So by end of this year, I decided to device ways of pushing my work out there to make it to at least 150 subscribers and the surely, the future looks bright as every like, comment and follow feels like a new blessing. Indeed it actually is.

Welcome back Uganda Blogging Community.

7 thoughts on “Day 1 #AugustRush Blogging Challenge. My Favorite Blogging Moment.

  1. Thanks for sharing your triumph. What did you do to raise your subscribers? I am new and I am finding it hard to gather new viewers.

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    1. First & foremost congrats for starting. That’s a milestone already. Now the next part is finding content & publicity for it.
      Below I am going to briefly share a few tips.

      1. Create your own identity if possible & preferably. That’s in your subject matter. An identity people will know you for.

      2. Use the right tags & categories on your posts for search engine optimizations.

      3. Use good imagery on your posts. Some people (like me) are sometimes attracted by images on posts.

      4. Follow the right sites on social media esp. Twitter. There’s a lot of supportive sites that can help you push your work through re tweets & writers lifts.

      5. Be active on other people’s works. There they’ll appreciate your support & reciprocate. It’s great if you find those in line with your subject matter too. Like you coming here yet we’ve never met anywhere before.
      Just as well, endeavor to like & reply to people’s comments on your posts. Even if one just said, “wow, great post.” Make sure you come back & like it & also add a “Thanks for reading.” on it. They’ll feel appreciated of their effort & time they spent on your blog. Why then wouldn’t they come back? Imagine. You asking for help has made me take time off to sit down & write all this all because you showed interest.

      6. If there are writers’ challenges & you have content that can participate, take part. It’ll help you find a community to belong. Participating in Afrobloggers June challenge helped me a lot in discovering a lot of people & most of my followers have come because of it.

      7. Be consistent so that your work is out there. Imagine visiting to a blog that was last active 4 months back. Would you waste your time following it? I created a routine that I must have an article running every Saturday at 9:00 P.M.

      8. Another important thing is to love what you’re doing. Unless you love it, you’ll constantly be frustrated, you’ll lose the creative powers & you’ll fall.

      Gaining followers takes time but they do come.

      Wish you the best. 😃


      1. Thank you so much for the advice and useful tips!!!! This is very helpful. I never knew engagement was a big part of growing my site until recently. But it’s one I’m working on. Again thank you! I am looking forward to our blogger friendship!

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