Day 3 #AugustRush Top Things On My Bucket List.

Well. Day 3 is here & the challenges are seemingly just keep getting better…as the year keeps running faster. Whoever is chasing it needs to slow down but damn, if it slows down then more twists might jump out of the blue. We’re already dealing with ending the pandemic, then the mega blast in Beirut, record lightnings in Carlifornia, floods in Asia etc.

Because of the 2020 twisted plot, a lot of my plans, projects and aspirations had to come to stand still including my hope to host a free creative writers’ class and I had resorted to living life as each day came by and readjust a lot of what was on my bucket list.

Now this is what my bucket list looks like specifically for 2020;

  • Ensure my shoe business thrives before I go bak to work.
  • Maintain a steady flow of income despite the uncertainties
  • Grow my blogging presence because it’s one of the few things that keep me settled. i hope to make at least 200 followers by end of 2020.
  •  Get in a relationship….hahaha. Sounds crazy in these twisted times, right?

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