Day 4 #AugustRush Blogging Challenge. Top 5 Fav Things.

Well, day 4 is here but we’re supposed to talk about the Five Favorite Things:

1. Movies, Series & documentaries. I have to be watching something every night. Some of my fav movies at random being;

All the bright places

All transformer movies

You got served

Slender man

Now you see me

& Series; 

The blacklist


Money heist

Stranger Things

Jack Ryan

2. Football teams. I am the only huge fan of football who cant name full squads of my fav teams but never the less, here they’re.

Manchester United

Real Madrid



Team England

3. In addition to writing, I love reading esp. on historical, discovery things & other random things. My fav website being; All Things Interesting. They write about literary anything. 

4. I am a huge fan of music to an extent that I think I can’t leave without it. Here’s my fav genres;


2000s Hiphop

90s – 2000s RnB

2000s Reggaeton


5. Who would I be if I don’t like food. Damn. Unfortunately, I am poor at choosing what to eat though here’s a list of my fav Foods/ eats/ bites;

Pillau (fried) rice

Fried pork

Chicken in all forms

Fried eggs (Even better in a rolex) 


Well, guess that’s enough for you to know of me right about now. See you on the next challenge.

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