Day 5 August Rush Blogging Challenge. Health Tips For Busy People.

Today we’re all about health so lemme give you some health tips for busy people.

1. Get enough sleep
If programmed machines that run outstandingly without rest can reach a time to shutdown for service or replacement, what about a biological body? Normalize giving your body some good rest so that it can rebuild itself & get some energy back.

2. Eat
Most importantly, don’t skip breakfast. Find time to eat something during day & eat light few hours before sleep. However tight a schedule can be, who won’t understand that you took off at least 10-15 minutes to eat? Where do you expect to get the energy to complete your tight schedule?

3. Drink
Not just anything but water or juice. They’re the most healthy ones & water is cheapest amongst all.

4. Work out.
This goes to the workaholics behind the desk. It can be a simple walk to the grocery store or to the nearest taxi stage. Stretch or strain those muscles. You can join a dance club, a local soccer team, online workouts, evening strolls. Anything that can make you sweat. But I don’t know if sex is included. Is it?
It also goes for your eyes. Try to reading signposts at a distance if you’re the type that sits behind the computer all day. Test their focus.

5. Get time for light talks & laughs with real people. Your mind needs to socialize & unwind. Laughter will make you look good & feel amazing. Surround yourself with people who can help you do that.

Well, that’s it for today’s challenge, see you about tomorrow’s. Peace. ✌

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