Day 8 August Rush Blogging Challenge. Self Marketing.

I am not a usual fun of marketing. I’ve always avoided any opportunity that presented itself under marketing but life as you know it can be full of surprises, here I am stuck with Ug Bloggers making me market something about me. Let’s see how it goes. And actually this is a project I wanted to hold this year…and then someone ate a bat.



THE GENESIS “Embracing The Art”

Random Thoughts of Shadray is the social correction & critique blog of Kinene ‘Shadray’ Marvin covering a range of different topics creatively crafted to deliver messages on mainly; relationships, motivation, inspiration & life adaptation skills.

Shadray’s Creative Writing Class is going to be a free attendance writers conference (though open donations will be accepted) for people that are trying to discover their writing skills.

Briefly, it is intended to make manifest the writing spirit of beginners so that they can be able to produce that which is in their mind through realizing & embracing some of the key factors that make one a writer especially points like;

  • What motivates/ inspires one to write? (motivation)
  • Why does one want to write & what kind of writer does one want to be? (identity)
  • How does one want to be understood/ message delivery? (style)

Much as I have self-taught myself on this journey from reading about other writers’ works and personal experiences, there are a few creative writers’ events that I have attended & got enlightened from, like; 

  • The Uganda International Writers Conference, 4th Edition/ Creative Writers Master Class organized by the British Council East Africa Arts & The African Writers Trust 2019.
  • The Global Stance Workshops 2019 organized by Skillz East Africa.
  • The Creative Hustle Activity in partnership with the Uganda Press Photo Award organized by the British Council East Africa Arts, 2019.
  • Was among the invited guests attending the African writers’ reception for the famed Nigerian American writer, Okey Ndibe organized by the US Embassy Public Affairs Office & African Writers Trust.

With a Target attendance ranging from writers, media personalities, students, scholars & other writing enthusiasts, feel free to respond to the call when the lockdown is done & come take part in;

  • Learning about creative writing (from Shadray & select partners)
  • Motivation & inspirational talks relating to writing from select speakers (media personnel, students, sponsors)
  • Socializing/ relationship building, meet & greets.

Well, keep safe, keep creating and be up to represent when you get the news. See you when it happens. Adios.

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