Day 10 August Rush Blogging Challenge. How To Guide. How To Guide.

Everyday we’re learning & getting better. Today we’re also teaching & below I am going to briefly share a few tips on how to publicize your content & site.

1. Create your own identity if possible & preferably. An identity that’s in line with your subject matter. An identity people will know you for. It can be sports, business, life stories, erotica or like some of us, anything that comes by but under this one, you’d have to be unique about it so that people can pick you out if anyone comes looking for something that others know it’s you who knows better about it.

2. Use the right tags & categories on your posts for search engine optimizations.

3. Use good imagery on your posts. One that can relate to the content. Some people (like me) are sometimes attracted by images on posts. Some people (like me) are inspired to create some pieces just by looking at some imagery.

4. Follow the right sites on social media esp. Twitter. There’s a lot of supportive sites that can help you push your work through re tweets, mentions & writers lifts.

5. Be active on other people’s works. There they’ll appreciate your support & reciprocate. It’s great if you find those in line with your subject matter too. The number of ideas you’ll share is immeasurable. Like you coming here yet we’ve never met anywhere before.
Just as well, endeavor to like & reply to people’s comments on your posts. Even if one just said, “wow, great post.” Make sure you come back & like it & also add a “Thanks for reading.” on it. They’ll feel appreciated of their effort & time they spent on your blog. Why then wouldn’t they come back?

6. If there are writers’ challenges & you have content that can participate, take part. It’ll help you find a community to belong. Participating in Afrobloggers June challenge helped me a lot in discovering a lot of people & most of my followers have come because of it. Now where I am with the Ug Blogging Challenge & I am having a blast. They also help fuel your creativity.

7. Be consistent so that your work is out there. Imagine visiting to a blog that was last active 4 months back. Would you waste your time following it? I created a routine that I must have an article running every Saturday at between 9:00 P.M – 10:00P.M because I know that’s when most of ‘my readers’ are active.

8. Another important thing is to love what you’re doing. Unless you love it, you’ll constantly be frustrated, you’ll lose the creative powers & you’ll fall.

9. Create a beautiful, easy to navigate site that will attract people to hit the follow button and keep coming back for more.

Gaining followers takes time but they do come if you follow the right SOPs. 😉

Other than that, good night & keep on blogging.

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