Day 12 August Rush Blogging Challenge. 2020 Achievement.

Everything comes to an end. Even the good ones. It’s the last day of the Ug blog challenge & I must say it’s been great. Blogging in Luganda was something I’d never thought of.

Anyways, today is day 12, the last day of the challenge & I am tasked to share my greatest achievement of 2020. Here we go.

1. My greatest achievement of 2020 is staying alive & being able to go through this pandemic without lack. I met my dues without staggering any bit so I thank God for that.

2. As times been calling for innovative ways to survive, I managed to partner with someone & start a shoe business that’s doing great.

Otherwise, thanks to y’all that participated & most importantly to Uganda blogging community for keeping us active.

See you next time on the next one. Peace.

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