God’s Supply & Satan’s Bait (You rush you crush)

She picked the window seat, sat at her table & went through her social media. Up & down she scrolled. A video picked her mind so she inserted her earphones, pressed play & giggled at it. She scrolled on but then got stuck somewhere. A picture of someone she knew from her high school days was on the timeline. The girl in the picture had given birth. She remembered last year that this same girl had wed & in between the months, she had held a blue baby shower. It was a boy. They were beautiful pictures.  She looked at her watch & back to the pictures. She pressed love on the reaction & sent a “Wow, congrats” comment.

However, deep inside, her heart had sunk but in just about a few minutes, her man showed up & the date went on well. But for someone who knows their partner well, he noticed that something was amiss. Later in the night when the lights were out & they lay there listening to each other’s stories, she turned in his arms, faced him & told him about her former high school friend with the conclusive statement being the question, “When are you marrying me? Or maybe, when are you making me pregnant?”

The guy, an always calculative person, thought through a number of issues before giving the answer. He thought of their finances (most importantly), whether they would be enough to sustain the pregnancy & the baby that would be coming in, he thought of the jobs status they were holding & chances of growth. He for one was not the type who made most decisions basing on societal expectations or peer pressure but mainly basing on his capacity to sustain or have peace from what he has done. This was mainly coming from his growth point of view & so many others he had growing up seeing…. his background, friends’ mistakes… so basing on that, he told his girl that they should make plans for the next year. Hopefully, the tides of their lives would have turned for the better.

As the days of their lives went on, she felt like everything was dragging. She felt that she was growing old & some of her friends were having kids already. At the young age of 26, she felt she was aging to look any better in a wedding gown & all this pressure was piled on to the guy too because it made him look like he was failing not only the relationship but the girl too & comparisons are some of the biggest breaks to a relationship. It was a terrible moment.

And trust the devil in knowing when the times are bad. Some other goon came into their picture. He came promising all that the girl was wishing for at that time. (Remember Eve & the serpent?) A baby & a wedding & then one evening as they were seated having a couple moment, she dropped the bomb on him that she was moving on to something better & a few days later, the relationship was done & in spite of the red flags about where she was headed to, she had made up her mind to brave the storm flying blind & a few years down the road, their new relationship was what Trump calls a ‘shit hole’.

Many people tend to forget that desperation usually breeds impatience & impatience will breed the need to make sudden decisions & actions which behaviors will breed usually, irreversible consequences. This comes from the failure for one to differentiate between God’s supply & Satan’s bait. They tend to feel like everything is dragging. Like the relationship they’re in, the job, the business & through all that drama, Satan comes up with a quick fix that looks beautiful (Remember what the serpent said to Eve?) Something that looks like what you have been waiting for. And then you’ll jump for it, instead ending up in an even worse situation than you were in before.

Why does this usually happen? It’s because in such situations, desperation blindfolds many people from thinking through the things they’re getting into thus failing to use their minds to make logical, sound judgments.

They may be blinded by greed, jealousy, desperation itself, excitement among others. People also would try to use God to get where they want to get & once that is got then God is left there. Abandoned. But when you are satisfied in God in spite of your problem, He takes interest in your issues & makes them come to pass.

3 thoughts on “God’s Supply & Satan’s Bait (You rush you crush)

  1. I constantly felt that spiritual power leading me towards positivity, it’s quite impossible to keep this divine energy in abundance. Great remembrance, thanks for sharing.


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