I Never Won That Race

I never loved you to hate you. God damn it I couldn’t hurt you because of the way I loved you.

You were my number one. That’s undisputable. I’d written your name across my heart. Stuck you on like a tattoo. How do I even erase you now? Why should I? Do I have to?

It’s painful when you’re all the way there when there’s a lonely soul hurting here, ready to mend all that he’s made wrong. All that he’s broken. But pardon me, what exactly is his wrong? Maybe loving you was his fault. What do you want; for him to bring you the moon or for you to give him a second chance to discover a better him? The clock is ticking.

It hurts looking behind into the future that will never be. I wish you could also see the same thing and not our broken dreams. I wish you could love me back baby, this is the truth that you can’t erase. But I gotta take a rest because I am not the best. I now gotta pack & leave for I never won that race.

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