Lead Me On.

I love you without borders. I love you like you weren’t a stranger. Before. That was then though, because right now you’re my lover. It’s like a dream boo. It’s coming through. God sent. Dream come true.

You found a way to make me surrender to you & I gave myself in to love, ignoring all my insecurities. All the love dangers. Seeing beneath my beautiful, you’re my power ranger. A life saver.

Take my hand baby & lead me to freedom. Free from the loneliness prison. Lead me to see the beauty in the world in its wholesomeness. Restore in me that was stolen, I was heartbroken but now I am willing. Call it healing. Let me walk this journey with you. No staling. Take me home. It’s high time the boy moved on. It’s been so long. Lead me on.

Finalized it listening to a cover of Heaven by Bryan Adams

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