The Creative Stimuli Of Shadray.

Out there, are so many people aspiring to become writers. Bloggers to be more precise and usually they come through looking for a number of tricks that they can use to get their game up there. From starters to those who just want to keep the juices flowing, I have collected a number of tricks that have helped me maintain the flow.

These are my top 10 tricks that personally work for me but I am sure your mind will be opened too …

1. You must first like what you’re going to write about. I mean if you the writer do not like it, why then should your readers? And if you do not like it then you will hardly find the right words to put into it. Create something that you know or hope your readers will like or you will be satisfied with the reaction that you expect them to have during or after reading your piece. This will help connect your target audience to your work same way as you are. It is so hard to get going with a piece that you have no interest in. The words will never form right. In other words, write something that you feel if it were you reading it from another writer, you will enjoy it.

2. Jackie Kay, a famed writer, once said “To be a good writer, you must be a reader. Don’t assume that you know everything.” Otherwise, how else are you going to know about things? There is so much there is to know in written and video material. Find it. Listen if you must. If you do not take up reading then why should you expect others to read your pieces?

3. Be connected to your craft. Put a part of yourself into the story. Whether you are the villain or the victim or the star. Be there. It will help you weave the right lines and the words will be as right because they will be coming from the angle that you have set yourself in. That very angle you want to tell the story from. Put the emotions where they need to be in a particular part of your story. The lines that you will make under that emotion will definitely sound right.

4. Have a muse that attracts you to write and usually have a setting that helps you think. Personally when writing, I like playing EDM music or RnB on the low while seated quietly alone in the dark. That is especially if I am writing something that is deep on emotions. There is a way I feel when the music is wafting through my ears that all the emotions evoked end up coming through my fingers on to the keyboard. Some other times it is a picture. I may see a picture and it evokes my emotions. That is why I always try to have an idea of a kind of picture I want for my work even before I get done with it just because a mental picture of it to it floods me with the right words. A right picture to a piece will always send the message first and set the mood even before the reader starts on the words. I therefore need the right kind of media that would help me experience the emotion that goes well with the piece that I am writing.

5. Always be handy with something where you can write down an idea or words the moment they hit you. To me, my phone note app is always there. Once some lines form up, I yank it out and note them down. I as well usually do it over and over again. You must write and re-write until you feel you have reached the words you feel are the right ones. If you do not have the notes app then maybe a note book or you better have a hella kind of a bank in your head to keep those words till you get where to put them. Usually words that come like that are the strongest that you need to help you form something and if you lose them and try to create something relatedly, sometimes it may never seem right.

6. Do not push yourself if you feel like the heat for your work hasn’t picked up yet. If you need to take a break, take it. It may be just what you need to get the clutter out of your mind and create space for new ideas and relief to start the next lines of your work. writer’s block is real so take it slow when it hits.

7. You need to do research where necessary. Sometimes readers are very keen that when you mess up things like geographical locations or years in a story that needs factual data, they will lose interest in your work or bash you for it. A not so good experience for a creative.

8. For those who want to grow their following, one of the golden rules is to always engage with other creatives’ works. Go over and read what they have put up. Comment, like, share. Be there and be seen. Interaction is key in building our social circles. If you do not show love on what others have put up, no one is going to show love on yours. Why should they anyway?

9. Do not lose yourself in the image of another writer. So many a times, there are people who are so good with what they do that you may reach a point in time and you want to write like them. You want to phrase and quote and produce pieces exactly the way they do theirs. Very many a times still that is the moment you are going to lose it. That is the moment the power that you have in your art and over your readers is going to get stripped away from you. Everyone has a potential following. You have or will have people that like the pieces you create just because of the unique style that you apply. The moment you try to write like someone else, may be the moment that power is going to get stripped away from you. You do not have to change everything. You can incorporate a few bits here and there while the main plot is still under your technique and voila, you become the star that you want to become or even better than your inspirations.

10. And lastly, sometimes it may reach a time when there are some people especially family and close associates that may find your work offensive or inappropriate for certain audiences. It’s a tricky one too but at times you need to be true to who you are and what makes you that kind of writer and then go right ahead and set the record straight. It may not work for them but it may be what will set you apart from all the others. I am that living example…a story for another day.

…otherwise, that is it from me about me to you for you. Happy writing.

9 thoughts on “The Creative Stimuli Of Shadray.

  1. One of the great posts I’ve read today! I absolutely agree with all your tips, a lot of them I need to remember and I believe this needs to be put out there other writers to read too. To make them remember what’s working and not working for them. Thanks for sharing this wonderful random thought, Shadray. x

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