Memories and Feelings

Written in my head are stories of memories of us and what we used to be. What we represented. Flash backs of words I can’t form. Sentences I can’t build. Stories I can’t explain. Feelings I can’t expose nor express. Jumbled. Memories I am confused about. Whether to open them up again or close them forever. … Continue reading Memories and Feelings

May We …

May our hearts never change when we fall in love with someone. May they stay true, pure & excited as we met them first. May they not waver, stumble nor sway in times of lack & faced with seduction from external forces. May our souls not fall to lust. May our eyes keep glued to … Continue reading May We …

Love Contradictions

Google Image I want you to love me like when you said you'll never leave me. That's what you promised but then you did it. You left me. Choose only me like you did in the beginning. Hoping I was like the first. Your Genesis. Keep your promises like the commandments you claim to believe … Continue reading Love Contradictions

On Provision In A Relationship

It is always a heated topic between both genders concerning money & how it should be handled. In many societies & relationships, the woman expects the man to foot everything financial. & so in most cases, one of the leading causes of relationship failures is financial understanding (or the lack of it) –provide what. Views … Continue reading On Provision In A Relationship