Love Contradictions

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I want you to love me like when you said you’ll never leave me. That’s what you promised but then you did it. You left me. Choose only me like you did in the beginning. Hoping I was like the first. Your Genesis.

Keep your promises like the commandments you claim to believe in. I remember you swore you love me but now you’re swearing to someone else. Where did you leave me? Trust only me like before you tripped. Hold my heart fragile like you’ll never break it. But wait, hol’up, you eventually broke it.

Give me your undivided attention like you were never distracted.  You promised to love me truthfully but you turned into Judas Iscariot, can you yourself believe it? I gave you my love thinking you was perfect but days down the road you’re proving to be unworthy. 

Your loving me came with a ton of punishments for me loving you. Damn! girl you shocked me. Broke me.

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